KOS The jewel of the Dodecanese

Kos. Hippocrates, the father of scientific medicine, the man who with ethic and his doctrines sealed the medical science - the doctor who, with his Oath, founded the principles and values that every doctor must act on today, taking care of human health.

The island of Hippocrates

Kos. The island with one of the most famous Asklepieia of the antiquity, a place of worship of the god Asklepios and a hospital, which brought patients from many parts of Greece for pilgrimage or cure. Kos. Hippocrates of Kos, Asclepieion, Hippocrates' Plane Tree, School of Medicine - a school similar to the famous Knydon School, which operated during the time the great physician was born (460 BC).

Kos Today

The island of Hippocrates ranks third, as a tourist destination, in terms of arrivals across the country. It is a beautiful island with plenty of beautiful beaches, rich nature, plenty of greenery, some particularly picturesque villages and a lot of remarkable and untapped mountainous volumes.